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Moșnenii Bărăganului. Istoria crucilor din piatră de la Poiana, județul Ialomița [The Moșneni of Bărăgan. The History of the Stone Crosses from Poiana, Ialomița County]

(written together with Andreea Panait)
Corint Books, National Museum of Agriculture from Slobozia, Bucharest, 2020

The book, prefaced by the Christian-Orthodox Bishop of Slobozia and Călăraşi and by the manager of the National Museum of Agriculture, is made up of two parts and is dedicated to one of the oldest localities in Ialomița county (south-east Romania), to a community of moşneni and to a historical monument that has remained unknown and unstudied until now.
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Marea Unire pentru cei mici [The Great Union for the Little Ones]

(written together with Ana Iorga; book illustrations by Octav Ungureanu)
Vremea Publishing House, Bucharest, 2018

The book is addressed to children and is dedicated to the Centenary of the Romanian Great Union from 1918.
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Un cântec de lebădă. Vlăstare boiereşti în Primul Război Mondial [A Swan Song. The Descendants of the Romanian Boyars during World War I]

Corint Publishing House, Bucharest, 2016

Members of the Romanian social elite, men and women, present themselves before our eyes and souls, sharing with us their testimonies about their lives during World War I. Read more →

Impactul Primului Război Mondial asupra descendenților boierimii române [The Impact of World War I on the Descendants of the Romanian Aristocracy]

Muzeul Literaturii Române Publishing House, Bucharest, 2015

The book analyzes the role of the Romanian aristocrats during World War I. The research was written as a postdoctoral thesis, in a project of the Romanian Academy. Read more →

Mesele de odinioară. De la Palatul Regal la Târgul Moşilor [Eating in the Past. From the Royal Palace to the traditional Spring fair]

(text written by Ana Iorga and Filip-Lucian Iorga)
Corint Publishing House, Bucharest, 2015

We invite you to a tasty journey through Romanian food of the past. We encourage you to take part, thanks to your imagination, in the feasts of yesteryear. Read more →

The Road Home. Filip-Lucian Iorga in dialogue with Prince Nicholas of Romania EBOOK

Curtea Veche Publishing, Bucharest, 2014

Starting from the dialogue initiated by historian Filip-Lucian Iorga, this e-book introduces Prince Nicholas (Nicolae), the grandson of His Majesty King Michael I, from his first visit to Romania in 1992 to his decision to settle down in Romania, in 2012. Read more →

Copilărie regală [Royal Childhood]

(The National Archives of Romania; text written by Filip-Lucian Iorga)
Corint Publishing House, Bucharest, 2014

In 2013, The National Archives of Romania organized an exhibition dedicated to the members of the Romanian Royal Family. Today, photos and unpublished documents bring us closer to the royal children. Read more →

Drumul spre casă. Filip-Lucian Iorga în dialog cu Principele Nicolae al României [The Road Home. Filip-Lucian Iorga in dialogue with Prince Nicholas of Romania]

Curtea Veche Publishing, Bucharest, 2014

As a historian, Mr. Filip-Lucian Iorga, among the deep and profound analysis he made so far on history, does not hesitate to also deal with the present, which, undoubtedly, becomes the history near us. Citeşte mai departe →

Trecutul este viu. Filip-Lucian Iorga în dialog cu Neagu Djuvara [The Past is Alive. Filip-Lucian Iorga in dialogue with Neagu Djuvara]

Humanitas Publishing House, Bucharest, 2014

Any dialogue with Neagu Djuvara quickly leaves the conventions of the genre and becomes an instance of casual talk. The interlocutor of the venerable historian is Filip-Lucian Iorga, already noted in Romanian historiography due to his researches on the genealogy and history of Romanian nobility. Citeşte mai departe →

Strămoşi pe alese. Călătorie în imaginarul genealogic al boierimii române [Choosing Your Ancestors. A Journey in the Genealogical Imaginary of the Romanian Boyars]

Humanitas Publishing House, Bucharest, 2013

An essential, important and absorbing book, which recovers the Romanian boyars, with their naiveties, ambitions and aspirations. Read more →

Les Cazaban. Une chronique de famille

(written together with Eugen Dimitriu)

Éditions Universal Dalsi, Bucarest, 2007

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