Drumul spre casă. Filip-Lucian Iorga în dialog cu Principele Nicolae al României [The Road Home. Filip-Lucian Iorga in dialogue with Prince Nicholas of Romania]

Curtea Veche Publishing, Bucharest, 2014

I think this book which presents to the Romanians their young prince is welcomed. In order to make friends with someone, you need to know them first. Prince Nicholas is very fond of Romania and he feels it is his home. I think this will help him overcome all difficulties, it will help him learn about the country and support its people. He is a prince of his generation and I am confident he will keep his steadiness and modesty, and that all fleeting glories will not take away from his generosity or lucidity. It is my hope that Romanians will give him more confidence and affection.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Margareta of Romania

I want to carry on the hard work that the members of the Royal Family have long began and I hope that, together with the young people of my generation, we will build a stronger country so that we all feel at home in Romania.

His Royal Highness Prince Nicholas of Romania

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Photos from the launch of the book at Cărtureşti Verona Bookshop, Bucharest, April 24th, 2014:

Photos from the launch of the book at the Bookfest International Book Fair, May 31st, 2014:

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Review in the Luceafărul Literary Journal (Tudor Petcu)
”As a historian, Mr. Filip-Lucian Iorga, among the deep and profound analysis he made so far on history, does not hesitate to also deal with the present, which, undoubtedly, becomes the history near us. In other words, his historical understanding, the vision he gained on the meaning and logic of history easily allow him to capture the key characters of the contemporary world, especially those belonging to the Romanian society, who are beginning to dominate in a discreet way through principled actions.
The author knows how to attract His Royal Highness Prince Nicholas of Romania in a truthful dialogue of confessions and ideas. This book of conversations reveals a royal personality, who, despite its youth, already says it all through its convincing attitude, through the solutions he is able to offer, through his intellectual and spiritual maturity, but, above all, through the love he shows for the Romanian and orthodox identity.”