Mesele de odinioară. De la Palatul Regal la Târgul Moşilor [Eating in the Past. From the Royal Palace to the traditional Spring fair]

mesele_mare(text written by Ana Iorga and Filip-Lucian Iorga; postface: Florica Bucur, Elena Muşat; images from The National Archives of Romania)
Corint Publishing House, Bucharest, 2015

We invite you to a tasty journey through Romanian food of the past. We encourage you to take part, thanks to your imagination, in the feasts of yesteryear. Our journey will take us from the Royal Palace to the traditional Spring fair in Bucharest, from the Phanariot times to the interwar period, from the heavy and spectacular meals served in the boyar manors, during the 19th century, to the complicated, refined and elegant French cuisine. We will try to revisit a nice part of our past, which could even give us some ideas for nowadays meals.

Ana Iorga and Filip-Lucian Iorga

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Photos from the launch of the book, Gaudeamus Book Fair, November 21st, 2015 (© Silviu Borşuc):