Genocidul comunist în România. Volumul IV. Reeducarea prin tortură [The Communist Genocide in Romania. Volume IV. Reeducation Through Torture]

(written together with Gheorghe Boldur-Lăţescu)

Albatros Publishing House, Bucharest, 2003

The volume is devoted to revealing one of the most tragic episodes of the Communist genocide in Romania: the “re-education” through torture. This action took place between 1948 and 1951, in various forms, in the prisons and forced labour camps where the political prisoners were detained. It was a diabolical experiment, inspired by the methods of the Soviet “teacher” Makarenko and it aimed to the physical and especially moral destruction of those who opposed the Communist regime.

I believe that, the moment I will leave for good the cohort of the witnesses of the horrors inflicted by the Communist regime, Filip-Lucian Iorga will honourably and aptly take over the honour of keeping awake the memory of our fellow citizens, so that such tragedies won’t happen again.

Gheorghe Boldur-Lăţescu

Excerpts from this book were included in the Final Report of the Presidential Commission for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania, Bucharest, 2006.

Photos from the launch of the book, Gaudeamus Book Fair, 28th of November, 2003

Chapter by Filip-Lucian Iorga in Gheorghe Boldur-Lățescu’s book, The Re-Education Experiment in Romania, New York, Nova Science Publishers, 2013.