Letters of a Freeholder

In the interwar period, the writer Cezar Petrescu published Scrisorile unui răzeş [The Letters of a Moldavian Freeholder]. A century later, very few people know that Wallachia had, in the Middle Ages, the “moşneni”, the freeholders, free people, masters of their estates, who defended their country sword in hand, who cultivated the land and built churches and schools. Because the way I see the world is influenced by the fact that I descend from a family of freeholders and because I believe that we need to recover the freeholder’s spirit, I will, from time to time, put on my blog, not on a piece of paper, my ‘letters’ about my life in Romania, about journeys, books, music and food, about politics, about what I love and what makes me indignant, about what threatens our freedom and what defines us.

A few older ‘letters’ on OglindaNet.