The Road Home. Filip-Lucian Iorga in dialogue with Prince Nicholas of Romania

Curtea Veche Publishing, Bucharest, 2014

Starting from the dialogue initiated by historian Filip-Lucian Iorga, this e-book introduces Prince Nicholas (Nicolae), the grandson of His Majesty King Michael I, from his first visit to Romania in 1992 to his decision to settle down in Romania, in 2012. The reader has the opportunity of knowing Prince Nicholas from his earliest childhood, a fan of knightly stories, but also willing to explore the world, a dynamic adolescent with a passion for cars, just like his royal grandfather, recounting with a genuine sense of humour the adventures he went through in his attempt to obtain a driver’s license in Kenya. As a young man, Prince Nicholas went to a traditional British college and studied management in England, while keeping to his passion for sports: he played football, cricket, grass hockey, lacrosse, and rugby, went scuba diving into the ocean and worked as a rafting instructor in Africa. Moreover, this is a young man who sat at the same table as Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, with his uncles and cousins of the European Royal Families, but also with homeless children and within charitable institutions. The same young man has assumed at present the duties of Prince of Romania.

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