Others About “The Memory of the Romanian Elites” Project

I remarked from the very beginning Filip-Lucian Iorga’s originality in his research on the genealogical mythologies of the Romanian nobility and on the family memory and mentalities of the living descendants of the old Romanian noble families, of the families which were part of the grand bourgeoisie and of those families from which, in the 19th and 20th centuries, descended political, literary or artistic paramount personalities. Filip-Lucian Iorga’s project, The Memory of Romanian Elites, is interesting for the expert historians, but also for the general public. It aims to shed light on an important fragment of our past, nowadays almost completely obscured by the most powerful people of our days.

Neagu Djuvara

The Memory of the Romanian Elites project is very interesting and necessary in the context of the Romanian historiography. By using a detailed questionnaire, Filip-Lucian Iorga tries to save testimonies of the living descendants of the old Romanian families, photographs and unpublished documents which can still be found in private archives, but are accessible neither to the researcher, nor to the public. Filip-Lucian Iorga puts forth an ample research on both family and group identity and on the strategies of passing on memory.

Lucian Boia